Clearsource RV Water Hose - 10 FT


Made by RVers for Rvers

Specifically designed for the RVer, the Clearsource RV Water Hose is engineered for quick and easy connections so you and your family can access safe, great-tasting water faster.

Easy Coiling Technology

Designed to work with you instead of against you, the Clearsource RV Water Hose is easy to handle when setting up and stow away when the adventure is over.

Quick Connection Grip

The Clearsource RV Water Hose has a patented grip that makes connection fast, easy, and tool-free.

Clearsource Quality

Made from premium materials and built to last, the Clearsource RV Water Hose meets federal drinking safety standards and is backed by a one-year warranty.


Available in multiple sizes to fit your every need.

  • Wet Bay Adapter
  • 5 FT
  • 10 FT
  • 25 FT

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