• Engineered from the ground up for the RVer. Rugged, industry-exclusive free-standing chassis. Premium filter elements. Oversize, high-flow filter housings. All stainless steel fittings.


  • Contaminants range in size. Silt and sediment range from 50 - 100 microns.

    Bacteria are roughly 5 microns and giardia cysts are even smaller.

  • In-line filters are commonly rated at 100 microns - or not at all. Our second-state filter element has an "absolute" rating at 0.2 microns. It traps contaminants other filters miss.


In-line filters restrict water flow. The Clearsource RV water filter system uses extra-large filter canisters, giving you much better water flow, even under heavy demand. In our testing laboratory, we measured 4.5 gallons per minute of water flow from a standard in-line filter, and 6.5 gallons per minute from our system. That’s more than a 40% improvement!


  • At Clearsource, we build our systems with the finest filter elements available, heavy-duty filter housings with leak-proof buttress-style threading, all stainless steel components, and a heavy duty, powder-coated metal chassis.


  • "Clearsource is engineered specifically for RV use...Its bullet proof...Exactly what we were looking for..."

    "I was impressed. The unit is built to last...I'm extremely pleased with the Clearsource water filter system."

    "Very nice setup. Was looking for something like this. Much much much better water flow than the disposable filters (the skinny inline ones)..."

    Amazon Customer

  • "Built to the highest standards, uses all stainless steel hardware, and should last virtually forever."

    "Great water filter. Top notch. The filtered water coming out of this filter is excellent quality...The unit is built like a tank."

    Amazon Customer

    "Easy setup with the built in chassis, it's simply plug and play. Better water quality than anything I've used. Customer service 10/10..."

    Google Reviewer