The Science of Clearsource

We use the finest quality water filters to capture harmful chemicals, and organic contaminants all the way down to 0.2 microns. So you can drink easy knowing you're getting clean, clear water every time.

The Science of Clearsource


As the water is forced through the pores of a filter, material that is larger than the openings gets trapped. Material that is smaller passes through. The smaller the contaminant, the worse it is for you. Many bacteria are 0.5 microns or larger. Certain bacteria, like e. coli, are as small as 0.2 microns. 

Inline filters are either not rated at all, or rated at 50 or 100 microns – much too large to do any good. Other two canister systems use “nominal” rated 0.5 micron filters. We engineered our two canister Premier system with hospital-grade second stage filters with an “absolute” rating of 0.2 microns. The “absolute” rating means every pore is the rated size or better. The nominal rating carried by competing filters means only some, but not all, of the pores are as small as claimed. With 0.2 micron, absolute rated protection, the filters in our Premier systems block contaminants like e. coli that other systems allow to pass through. 

The Science of Clearsource


Viruses are even smaller than bacteria. They typically measure a few thousandths of a micron. A filter tight enough to block them would also block the flow of water. The VirusGuard filters in our Ultra systems use a positively charged coating developed by NASA that causes viruses and other contaminants to adhere to them. No other RV water filter system has the technology. No other RV water filter system blocks viruses.

The Science of Clearsource

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Our filter systems remove harmful chemicals and trace pharmaceuticals from your water. The carbon block first stage filter in our Premier system reduces chlorine, chloramines, petrochemicals, volatile organic compounds and other contaminants.

Working together, the filters in our Ultra system reduce those same contaminants, and also heavy metals like lead and mercury.

The Science of Clearsource


All of our filter systems use filter cartridges made with coconut shell carbon block technology. As the water passes through it, the coconut shell carbon dramatically improves its taste and smell. How good does the water taste?  Here’s what one of our customers said: 

"The flavor is consistent. The water is of great quality and better than most homes on city water. "

- Joel, Amazon Customer

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